Horseback riding is an incredibly popular form of recreation in rural areas like Livingston County. 

And no wonder! The sense of freedom and connection to nature, the social aspect, the physical challenge, and the bond that develops between rider and horse. All these reasons and more keep equestrians coming back.

Equestrian trails attract tourists and visitors to our community.

This brings in much-needed revenue and stimulates the local economy. Horseback riders often spend money on lodging, food, and other local businesses, contributing to the overall economic health of the community.

Equestrians help maintain the natural beauty and ecological health of rural areas.

By riding on designated trails, they can actually help prevent erosion and other damage to the natural environment. And if that weren’t enough, horseback riders are often the first to volunteer for trail maintenance and cleanup, where they help preserve the landscape and ensure that trails remain accessible and safe for all users.

As an organization, GLC – HFF is invested in the inclusion of horseback riders on public transportation and recreation trails throughout Livingston County. We strive to educate the public on proper trail etiquette when sharing trails with horseback riders, to maintain a safe environment for all. Go-Liv-Co educates land managers on the needs of equestrians on trails, including staging areas, hitching rails, mounting blocks, signage, etc. We advocate for safe road crossings by identifying trails where horse crossing signage is needed. We educate drivers by  including information on safely sharing the roads with horseback riders. For horseback riders in the Livingston County area, Go-Liv-Co also shares information on any upcoming events and trail groups you can support by joining and volunteering your time.