We are a community helping to build our community.

Livingston County has a problem with non-motorized infrastructure. Go Liv Co – Horal Family Foundation is a collaboration among all the groups affected by these gaps: cyclists, pedestrians, equestrians, parents, students and more. We haven’t always worked together historically, but today we are working together to make a community dedicated to advocating for needs. 

We welcome any and all transportation and recreation proposals here in the county. That could be a kayak launch, a multi use pathway, sidewalks, safe routes to school, a natural surface trail, ADA accessible infrastructure, and the list goes on. We work to make sure our local governments and commissions understand the inadequacies and the hardships many Liv Co residents face and guide them toward fixing these problems and making the county sustainable and accessible to all. 

GLC-HFF is a coalition building communities to enhance our community. A tongue twisting phrase but it speaks volumes to that fact we can’t do this without all of you and we can not have a strong voice as one group we need the community to work together to ensure the community we leave behind is robust and sustainable from a non motorized perspective. 

So whether you need a small change in your community or want to see a change across the whole county. We are here to support you. 

If you’re interested in supporting us on our mission, we accept donations or you can get in touch with us for volunteer opportunities in your community.